This gadget is currently huge in the Bahamas (and a couple others by the look of it), but will likely catch on everywhere fairly soon.  If you’ve ever been out in a downtown area swimming with parking meters, you likely know how horrible it is to forget or not have sufficient change for the meter.  Or worse, to accidentally overshoot your prepaid time on the meter and have to face down a parking ticket.

But the EasyPark device is making that a thing of the past–it’s a wireless device that begins communicating with parking meters the second you pull up to one.  It then keeps track of how long you’re in the space and pays the correct parking costs for you from a bank of prepaid credit.  If you’re in a parking space that runs $.75 per half hour (just for the sake of example) and you’re gone an hour and a half, the EasyPark automatically deducts $2.25 as soon as you drive away.  Your parking is now paid.

Of course, most municipalities would likely never allow this to be used as it would gut about ninety percent of revenue from parking fines and penalties, but it’s still an awesome idea that we could all use.