There’s been some rumor stirring around about the newest gadget from Dyson, and the announcement has recently been made.  Dyson’s next project is a familiar one: the bladeless desk fan.

Sure, it sounds ludicrous–how do you have a desk fan without blades?  Well, if you’re Dyson, you replace the blades with a loop on a sturdy cylinder.  Then you turn it on and watch as, amazingly, 405 liters of cool air per second comes pouring out of the device.  Plus it has an energy-efficient motor at the base, giving it a lower center of gravity and allowing it to not tip over.  The loop of plastic is the same kind of thermoplastic that goes into making car bumpers.

Some believe the Dyson bladeless fan can actually be used as a replacement for air conditioning.  I’ll believe it when I see it, myself–after all, this can’t do that much damage against humidity.  But still, it’s a pretty awesome gadget when you come right down to it.