There are days when we’d all love nothing more than to do some serious damage to those devices that we all know and love.  That mysterious whatever it is that led Elvis Presley to shoot his television has happened to all of us, and it just reared its ugly head again.

For Donald Goodrich, he just couldn’t take his iPhone’s antics one second longer.  He stormed into his local Apple Store and insisted that the gadget had made him “so mad, (he) could pop a 9mm at it”.  That’s a quote, except he used “I” where I have he.  This by itself may not have been any big deal–if Apple Store employees haven’t heard people threaten their devices before then they’re clearly in the wrong line of business–but where Donald Goodrich went too far was in showing the 9mm handgun he was carrying at the time TO said Apple Store employee.

Goodrich was charged with “aggravated menacing and causing fear of harm” to the Apple Store worker, though I don’t think he ever actually threatened the worker, just the iPhone.  Plus there was a concealed weapons issue, but puzzling your way through a state’s concealed weapon law is almost as tough as multivariable calculus.