DOGN Watch By Cognitime

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1 Comment to DOGN Watch By Cognitime

  1. Hi there Jeff,

    I saw your comments about our watch and would like to see if I can explain the time telling for you?

    It is really simple, and actually when you have this time piece and people ask you about the time, and you show them how to read it, they will be impressed.

    The whole point of the time telling is to make it more logical in reference to a 24 hour calendar day. On our watch you can view all 24 hours at once.

    You can display all your meetings and stuff you have to do on the time symbol, and the coolest function if you ask me is the multiple timezone view.

    Go to our web site and click on explore, there you can play with the functionality.

    Hope to hear back from you and have a great week end!

    Christian, CEO Cognitime

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