Dane Elec USB 3.0 Hard Drive Superspeed

While the mass adoption of USB 3.0 is currently a long, dark and lonely road, a few storage companies have come forth with details regarding their impending drives that boast such compatibility.

Coming December 11th (of this year) Dane-elec’s line of USB 3.0 compatible hard drives, called Superspeed, will be available for purchase starting at $149.99.  Course at that price you’ll be scoring just 500GB of storage, but drop another $100 (or so) and you’ll quadruple your storage capacity.  Throw a bit more cash around and you’ll get your hands on an SSD version, which of course will maximize the drive’s USB 3.0 abilities of 250mbps. 


Starting December 11th, USB 3.0 HDDs and SSDs will be Available
Through Selected U.S. Retailers

Irvine, CA (October 19, 2009) — Dane-Elec, a global leader in memory-based consumer electronics, today introduced its So SuperSpeed Line of External USB 3.0 Hard Drives (HDD) to the U.S. market. The line includes the world’s first USB 3.0 Solid State Drive (SSD), capable of true data transfer speeds of 250MB per second. Consumers will be able to purchase these high-speed USB 3.0 devices from Dane-Elec and its U.S. retail partners starting December 11th, coinciding with the Thanksgiving launch of USB 3.0-compatible laptops and PCs from leading OEMs.

“The eagerly awaited USB 3.0 revolution is finally here, and Dane-Elec is thrilled to be at its forefront,” said Jon Christeson, Director of Marketing for Dane-Elec U.S. “With transfer speeds of up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 devices, these powerful products will be game changers for consumers and small businesses that regularly work with large files such as video content.”

Dane-Elec’s new USB 3.0 HDDs offer consumers several storage options ranging from 500 GB all the way up to 2 TB, and are available in 2.5″ or 3.5″ formats for either laptop or desktop computers. The So Extreme SuperSpeed SSD product line offers consumers a storage option of either 80 GB (Intel M-25) or 160 GB (Intel M-25). Because these devices are powered by USB 3.0 controllers, users will be able to transfer bandwidth-intensive content such as photos, music and video to and from their USB 3.0 built-in port laptops and PCs at record speed, even up to 10 times faster than the transfer speed of current USB 2.0 devices. Observed data transfer speeds for the SSDs have reached 250 MB per second.

Dane-Elec will also be offering USB 3.0-compatible adapters for desktops with PCIe slots and laptops with PCIXpress slots. This will allow consumers using current machines (without built-in USB 3.0 ports) to take advantage of much of the increased speed capabilities of USB 3.0.

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