Cresyn c750e Review

During my quest for the ultimate earphone I have had the chance to review several pairs from companies I had not previously heard of.  Being pleasantly surprised on many an occasion, The Cresyn C750E’s are just that. Having a solid sound and a comfortable fit, I am compelled to recommend these earphones to anyone looking for a great package at the $100 price range.

Judging today’s current batch of earphones you are not only looking at sound but you are also grading how they fit and what features they flaunt.  I can say right off the bat that the Cresyn C750E’s possess all of the above.  Embracing a sturdy fit and competent sound reproduction in a lightweight and compact package, the Cresyn C750E’s easily rank as some of the better earphones I’ve used all year.

In comparison to other earphones I’ve unboxed, the Cresyn C750E’s was pretty basic.  Three sizes of inserts and a nice feeling carrying case.  That’s it.  Not that the Cresyn C750E’s needed anything else anyway.


Besides what I mentioned earlier in regards to what I liked about the Cresyn C750E’s, I also really liked the shaped of the earphone.  While the majority of the time they fit great, they would sometimes need adjusting.  The beam shape of the Cresyn C750E’s really help you readjust them on the fly and without looking, you could grasp them and instantly know their orientation.  I have ran into earphones in the past where it was more difficult to adjust them because you couldn’t tell how they were fitting in your ear without looking in a mirror.

The C750E’s featured a sturdy clip that slid up and down the cord with ease and really helped pull slack off of the weight of the earphones.  Not that they were heavy or anything but another anchor point always helps.  Other than that the earphones don’t have any other standout features.


In the area of sound, the Cresyn C750E’s have a lot going for them.  They’re nothing that will blow your mind but will compete bravely with anything you can throw their way.  They never distorted when I cranked the volume and were never too harsh on my ears regardless of the bit rates my MP3′s were running at.

They could have used a bit more gradual bass in my opinion but the whole mix felt generally pretty balanced and I enjoyed my overall listening experience.  Through my main testing grounds of riding my bike and going to the gym the Cresyn C750E’s performed well under those parameters and they didn’t get in the way whatsoever.


All in all, Cresyn is a company that I will now recognize and be able to speak highly of the C750E’s as a great pair of earphones.  Most of my earphone reviews are usually not this glowing and it’s nice to not really have to gripe about anything.


  • Lightweight
  • Awesome Sound
  • Easily Adjustable


  • Might Be A Bit Pricey For Some

Buy Them Here For $106!

Jeff B