nuclear battery

The minds out at Missouri University are neck deep in one of the coolest and at the same time scariest gadget concepts I’ve ever heard: nuclear batteries.

No, really.  Nuclear batteries.  See, as it turns out, nukes have secretly been running everything from pacemakers to satellites for years, and no Three Mile Islands have happened…lately.

What’s making nuclear batteries a tiny but mighty power source of the future is recent advancements in liquid semiconductors, allowing for the massive energy of a fission reaction.

This doesn’t mean that, pretty soon, you’ll be able to run your iPod on a pocket nuke.  In fact, the first nuclear batteries will apparently be going into micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems.  This by itself is awesome enough–I’ll wait for nuclear batteries in my Blackberry if it means I can get a replicator first.

Via [Gizmodo]