Just when you thought your Blackberry couldn’t get more addictive, along comes the crew out at Research In Motion to give you one MORE toy–the RIM Blackberry HS-500 Wireless Headset.

Targeted toward Blackberry purists who absolutely must own everything Research In Motion can put out, as well as anybody needing a headset for any device that runs Bluetooth (iPhone users take note–your Blackberry headset can also be your iPhone headset if you have both devices!)

Early remarks say that the HS-500 is an item of understated grace that does the job solidly well, but anyone who wants a really flashy headset should look elsewhere. There are some problems with it, apparently, like a lack of dedicated volume keys, but that’s not too much trouble alongside the benefits it offers.  The device costs a whopping $80 or less, so anyone out for a great utilitarian headset should look here.