ArmPocket Sport 20

Armpocket Sport 20

Finding a good armband for your MP3 player can be a tricky thing.  Does it stay fastened to your arm without sliding?  Does it get in the way of what your doing?  I have tried a couple of arm bands in my day and I always ended up going with an around the hip accessory (tucked into my waistband) just because it worked better for what I was doing.

ArmPocket is an Eco-Friendly company that makes a variety of quality and utilitarian armbands for your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.  To say it right now, the ArmPocket Sport 20 is the best arm band I have used yet and I highly advise you to check it out if you are looking for a competent and fairly priced exercise accessory.

Let’s start with features.  Assuming that you don’t have any other storage on your person, the ArmPocket Sport 20 has got you covered.  In the main chamber there are two elastic slots for an ID and credit card and it is big enough to hold an energy bar or gel in addition to your MP3 player no problem.  On the outside there is also a small loop to hold a keyring.

In the looks department, the ArmPocket Sport 20 is not very elegant but its form factor is what is visually apparent and oddly enough, the brand logo actually resembles the bottom portion of the Under Armor logo.

A reflective strip wraps around the face of the armband to add an element of safety but you should still wear other shiny gear if you are planning on being out at night or other low light scenarios.  The transparent plastic that allows you access to your iPod’s controls is heavy duty but requires a concerted effort at times to register your touch.  Not a performance problem whatsoever but you do have to look at what your doing and won’t really be able to access the controls haphazardly.  Being that the Sport 20 is capable of holding so many things, it does look a tad bulky but never really got in the way of anything is was doing during my time at the gym or riding my bike.

In terms of build and construction, the ArmPocket Sport 20 is testament to quality and ruggedness.  The entire armband is made of recycled PET fabric (yarn fabric made from plastic bottles) and natural bamboo giving the Sport 20 a tight textured weave with great solid feel to it.  The zippers and the strap/band are sturdy as ever and look to last for quite a while.

When riding my bike and working out at the gym the Sport 20 never slipped on me.  Sometimes it felt like it was going to but it never did.  The band itself felt especially secure and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic memory foam, and reminded me of getting my blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office.  While boasting moisture protection, the Sport 20 was also quite capable of fending off water.  Not to say that it’s submersible, but the texture of the Sport 20 could totally work well in rainy conditions.

What I really liked about the Sport 20 was the fact that it could easily be worn upside down.  Depending on the way you like your earphone cord to dangle or the way you want to view your iPod/iPhone, the Sport 20 exudes accessibility regardless of vertical orientation.

My only gripe comes when I need to remove my iPod Touch or earphones.  It could have been a bit more easy to do.  The rubberized earphone input area is tough to get the jack through, especially if it’s a horizontal one.  If you are looking to evade this hole entirely, you will also find it tough to zip the ArmPocket up fully without the headphones poking out the top.

Other than that, if you are looking for a sport armband for your iPhone or iPod Touch you owe it to yourself to check out the ArmPocket Sport 20.  It is an absolutely quality product that should give you many years wear and tear.  Coupled with the company’s green and recycling efforts it makes you a smart consumer as well.


  • Super comfortable
  • Steady non-slip grip
  • Plenty of room for other things besides MP3 player


  • Can be bulky and protruding
  • Earphone input area is a bit tough to navigate
  • Controlling iPod/iPhone can require a hard touch

Buy one here for $29.95!

Jeff B