4Bugs Game Review

4Bugs 200 is a picture hunt game from Root9 Media.  I had previously reviewed their Yeti Sports game and I’m here today to talk about Bugs4.  Sort of a weird name for a picture hunt game, the Bugs are merely the character that you represent when playing by yourself or in multiplayer.  You end up seeing them a bunch during scoring screens and they always look pretty happy regardless of how bad you are at the game.


I was pretty bad at this game.  Its set-up is brutally simple and intuitive but the pictures are really, really hard.  I’m not that attuned to this type of game but I don’t think I even cleared one level, I found it that difficult.

Each round consists of you finding the 4 differences between the two photos as a timer counts down.  Pressing the wrong area shortens your time.  So hard!  Attention to detail was a trait I thought I had, but this game makes me seriously question that.  I’m sure the designers had some good laughs in photoshop making the smallest possible adjustments to the pictures so that are just barely noticeable.

Features included localized and online leader boards as well as FaceBook integration.  Two players could take turns playing on on one screen and as you can see from the above picture that neither my dog or myself could score any points.  The picture below demonstrates that every so often the game will throw you a bone as the 4 differences aren’t as hard as the bulk of the 200 photos.


For $1, 4Bugs 200 is a well designed game but you really need to be good at this sort of game or you’ll get quickly frustrated.  The interface is simple and effective and for the dudes there are some sexy female pics thrown in there for good measure (pun intended).

A free version is available to see how good or bad you are before you commit to the full version.  Both free and paid versions are available now in addition to some specialty 4Bugs games like World Tour and Octoberfest when you search 4Bugs in the App Store.  You’ve been warned!


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Happy Bug Avatars
  • Online Leaderboards and FaceBook


  • Really, Really Difficult Photos

Buy it here for $1

Jeff B