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Powermat - 12

Powermat Portable Mat Review


When we saw Powermat’s offering at CES 2009 we were pretty excited.  After all, who doesn’t want to ditch the always cubersome plug in process for all their mobile gadgets.  But like most gadgets, especially those that offer a game changer to the industry, skepticism is abound.  So does the...

itunes 9.0.2

iTunes 9.0.2 Now Available, Should Break Palm PRE Sync

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iTunes 9.0.2 just hit Apple’s software update and from what I can see there aren’t really any massive improvements, but then again hence the .0.2 iteration.  So what are we looking at?  They’ve probably issued a patch that prevents Palm’s PRE from syncing with iTunes, at least that is according...

Apple TV 3.0

Apple TV 3.0 Has Arrived


If you haven’t hacked the crap out of your Apple TV then you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple issued an update for the small and slender box, Apple TV 3.0.  While recording TV shows is still devoid from the units capabilities, users will enjoy the new features including iTunes...


Most Expensive Watch In The World: The Arena Metasonic


Watches are quite the man-made marvel.  So tiny, yet so complex and precise, I have no idea what is the appropriate way to price a watch.  This absolutely stunning Arena Metasonic watch is something that would probably make Bond himself get spinal tingles. Before you start thinking about buying this...


KR Tools 12609 Pump-Action ScrewDriver AutoLoads Bits


Bob Vila ain’t got nothing to say about this handy gadget!  Condensing 4 screwdrivers into one, this Auto-Loading ScrewDriver has two phillip’s head and two flat head screwdrivers each with two different sizes.  Each bit is magnetic and the whole thing looks really easy to use (see pic). The whole...

netflix Wii

Gadget Rumor: Netflix Streaming Coming To The Wii


Sometime early next month Netflix Streaming will arrive on the PS3.  Now, word on rumor street is that the service is coming to the Nintendo Wii.  Reports say that they’re in the testing phase, while other industry insiders say that Nintendo will wait until next year when they launch an...