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GPS Helmet Ear Tugger

Experimental GPS Helmet Yanks Lobes In The Right Direction


GPS has come along way in the last 10 years, so it’s really no surprise to see unorthodox products start to emerge around the technology.  Enter the GPS Navigation Helmet.  Instead of announcing your turn-by-turn directions, clips attached to each ear lobe tug on the corresponding ear to convey left...

VW Self Parking Car-1

Self Parking VW Passat (video)


[GR]YVuG7HAt-r4[/GR] Whoa nelly!  Volkswagen has modded a stock Passat Wagon with a variety of sensors and a built-in computer system to enable the vehicle to park itself.  Of course, it doesn’t know how to avoid obstacles, such as people, and requires a schematic of the parking lot’s layout. When you...


DVR-510 WaterProof NightVision Pocket Camcorder By Vivitar

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As an absolute alternative to the Flip camcorder series and other name brand models, the Vivitar WaterProof NightVision Camcorder is definitely worth some investigation. Priced at a crazy cheap $50, the camcorder weighs just .8lbs, supports VGA resolution up to 640 x 480 at 30 fps, and has a x8...