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Japanese Make A Robot That Acts Like It’s Dying Of H1N1

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Admittedly, the Amio is a pretty awesome robot, but it takes the Japanese to make something truly creepy with their robot and blow the Amio clean out of the water. The Japanese, you see, built a fully functional robot…that simulates SWINE FLU. Unveiled at the recent gathering of the Security...


The Amio Robot–Our First Robot Butler?


The robot revolution continues on unabated with the emergence of the Amio robot, a walking, bipedal robot that actually approaches human-looking. It stands about five feet tall, weighs about ninety pounds and has a top walking speed of somewhere in the neighborhood of half a mile per hour.  He’s got...

Need For Speed Shift Xbox 360 Review


Style.  The all time most over used word in the hip-hop language.  It’s also my favorite word and I don’t really even like hip-hop.  Need For Speed Shift is all about Style.  Your style.  Leaving behind the concepts found in the last several iterations of the Need For Speed franchise,...