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SkyShutter Helicam RC Helicopter Is Pretty Sweet

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Over the summer I saw a bunch of cool expensive looking RC jets and helicopters.  This one dude was even flying his RC helicopter upside down and doing all these cool stunts. The “not a toy” SkyShutter Helicam RC Helicopter will allow you to capture some seriously sick aerial footage...


Baby Noise Activated Crib Light With Authentic Womb Sounds


Because people insist on having more and more children, more and more products are being developed to help parents deal with these beasts of burden.  Aimed at keeping your baby asleep through the night, this little gadget will activate only when the baby starts to stir and make noise. Once...


Magno Wooden Radio Sure Is Purrty


Perfect for your alpine lodge getaway, the Magno Wooden Radio will keep you and your bearskin rug company on those cold nights alone.  Handcrafted using untreated Indonesian ebony, mahogany, and pine, this little guy is quite the stunning beauty. Besides boasting superior FM/AM quality, this wooden radio also has an...

Tunebase Recall

Belkin Recalls Many Of Their Tunebase Car Chargers


Belkin is recalling a whole mess of their TuneBase car docks for risk that they might cause fire.  Something to do with a faulty washer within the cigarette lighter adapter that could cause it to short out and produce unsettling results; the type your insurance company will be none too...

Dj Hero Box Art

DJ Hero Ships Tomorrow, IGN Review Is In (video)


Hard to believe, but the launch date for DJ Hero is less than 24 hours away.  Be prepared to drop some serious cash, though, since the normal version starts at $120, while the Eminiem/JayZ Renegade version will cost you $200. IGN already knocked out a review and gave it a...

Samsung 3.3mm LED TV

Samsung Produces 0.12-inch LED TV


Are you still searching for that LCD screen to double as a window in your dungeon of a bedroom?  Search no more.  Samsung today announced an 40-inch LED backlit LCD TV that is just 3.3mm thick (that’s 0.12992126 inches), which is so thin you’ll barely notice it on your wall. ...

Palm Pixi Hitting Sprint November 15th for $99.99


It’s official: the Palm Pixi will hit Sprint on November 15th and cost $99.99 after a 2-year and $100 mail-in-rebate. That’s a pretty solid price considering it’s multitouch and includes a full QWERTY… To continue reading “Palm Pixi Hitting Sprint November 15th for $99.99″ head to PhoneDig...

inpulse Blackberry Watch

inPulse Blackberry Watch Up For Preorder


Remember the inPulse, the perfect compliment to your Blackberry?  Well, today it got official and will ship this coming February for $149.  As previously stated the phone will display your incoming calls, messages, texts, emails and calendar info right on its 1.3-inch OLED screen.  They’re stating that the battery is...


Entourage Systems eDGe Is Two Gadgets In One


Today I’m going to introduce you to a truly awesome gadget that you can’t possibly get your hands on before Christmas unless you know somebody or can shell out epic bribes. We’re talking about the eDGe, and this little beauty is worth the $490 you’d shell out for it for...

etre touchy

Etre Touchy Gloves: Make Your Own At Home!


With winter fast approaching and the cold weather coming to match, you may well start to wonder how you’re going to keep your hands warm and still manage to work your iPod and whatnot.  Clearly you can’t hold a stylus in your mitten, and gloves are nice, but their fingers...