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Microsoft Store Capable of Xbox 360 Repair


I had a really great experience with Microsoft customer service when my Xbox 360 died.  The process was painless and took two weeks exactly.  Word has it that the newly opened Microsoft Store in Scottsdale Arizona is prepared to make Xbox 360 repairs. That’s good news and I’m sure that...

Yamaha Ec-F-1

Yamaha’s EC-f All Electric Scooter Looks So Xbox 360

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If there was ever an Xbox 360 Motorcycle here it is.  On show at Japan’s Tokyo Motor Show, the Yamaha EC-f is an electric motorcycle/scooter that sports a lightweight aluminum frame, a lithium-ion battery and a 0.6 kWh electric motor.  Best of all the EC-f uses a standard plug that...


Pleo Emerges From Bankruptcy, Now On Sale


If you recall, this past summer the makers of the super adorable Pleo went bankrupt.  As a result the Pleo, much like the dinosaurs, went extinct.  But through the magic of cellular reproduction (someone bought the IP) the Pleo is back and available for your holiday gifting.  You can grab...


Thanko Bone Conduction UnderWaterProof Earphones


Bone conduction seems to be of all the rage these days when talking about submersible earphones.  I had a bland experience with the Finis SwiMP3’s and feel that music underwater has yet to be truly conquered. Thanko of Japan has just announced the new EMP-708LITE Vonia earphones that use bone...


Sega Zippos Are Cool Becasue Why?


Because any retro gamer will be instantly flooded with fond, and in the case of the Sega Saturn, short lived memories.  At $114 a piece, you will make quite the statement brandishing one of these.  “I love video games and I smoke, what do you do?” I don’t smoke but...