Daily Archives: October 21, 2009

Jabra Stone-4

Jabra Stone Release Date And Price Announced


Jabra’s newest headset, the Stone, is set to release on November 8th and it’s shaping up to be one of the most desirable headsets on the market.  It draws its name from the included carrying case that also doubles as a portable charger.  An external LED indicator light lets you...

Glide TV - 02

GlideTV Unboxing And Quick Hands On (video)


I just got my mitts on the GlideTV remote, which is designed specifically for use with a home theater PC.  While I have yet to actually fire it up and use the remote, I very impressed with the packaging and overall presentation. Form factor wise it fits relatively well in...

iJet iphone remote - 1

iJet iPhone/iPod RF Remote Control Review


I love my iPhone.  It seems like it can do it all.  Plug in your computer to your home’s stereo or a set of powered speakers and you can even control your music right from the ‘remote’ app.  But what is one to do if your iPhone is the source...


BeoCom 5 Telephone From Bang & Olufsen Is Just That


I must say, the BeoCom5 does look pretty, but will anyone actually buy it?  Probably not since it will probably cost an arm and a leg.  But before you poopoo this relic of a landline device, consider that it can also work with IP telephone systems and includes some new...

DimLit iPhone

Dimlit: A DIY iPhone App Supported Light Dimmer


There aren’t too many iPhone apps out there that get me hot and bothered, let alone some DIY kit to go along with it.  But John Boile’s WiFi Router light dimmer, called Dimlit, has flipped the attention switch in my brain. Attached to a WiFi router (aside from circuit boards...


Brando’s Mini-Flexible Mic For The iPhone


For those of you trying to get more audio fidelity out of your iPhones, than this new mini-microphone from Brando just might do the trick.  Capable of swiveling and angling, this mini-shotgun mic is supposedly 10 times better than the regular iPhone one. Boosting input gain by +25db, this tiny...


Monster Cable Intros New Miles Davis EarBuds


Damn these things look tight!  Having being totally snubbed by Monster Cable for past review inquiries (Dr. Dre HeadPhones), it’s unlikely that I’ll get to review these either.  Whimper… To celebrate the 50 anniversary of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album, Monster Cable is releasing a pair of limited edition...