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Dane Elec USB 3.0 Hard Drive Superspeed

Dane-elec Announces USB 3.0 Hard Drives, Superspeed SO


While the mass adoption of USB 3.0 is currently a long, dark and lonely road, a few storage companies have come forth with details regarding their impending drives that boast such compatibility. Coming December 11th (of this year) Dane-elec’s line of USB 3.0 compatible hard drives, called Superspeed, will be...

Sony 360 Degree Display

Sony Developing A Display Viewable From 360 Degrees


Sony’s had their struggles with R&D, as evidenced by the failed Mini Disc and UMD formats.  Now it looks the behemoth has plans to release a prototype spherical like display that could achieve massive fanfare or be lost in the annals of obscurity. While I’m not sure what the practical...

Blackberry Watch inPulse

inPulse: The Blackberry Watch


Whoa doggy!  I never thought RIM would seep to this level of gimmick, but low and behold they have.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit unfair, but at first glance you do have to question the sanity of a Blackberry Watch. Rumored to be called the inPulse Smartwatch (get it, the...


Handpresso Wild Makes Espresso Anywhere There’s Hot Water

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All right, espresso buffs, pay attention.  No, seriously.  I know you’re probably bouncing around like ferrets in a room lined with tinfoil, but have I ever got just the gadget your twitchy selves need.  No more expensive coffee houses for you–now, you can make a sweet dose of hypercaffeine any...


Patriot Streaming Media Box Is Both Cheap and Effective


If you’re looking for media streaming on a very, VERY tight budget, then the Patriot media streamer is EXACTLY what you had in mind.  You’ll need to bring your own hard disk drive, but each Patriot comes with a remote, three USB slots, Ethernet support and support for several different...


Fun With Thanko: The USB Underwater Digital Camera


Oh Thanko…have I told you lately that I love you…r insane brand of gadget lunacy? The boys and girls out at Thanko have truly done it again.  They’re offering up a waterproof USB camera that will remain waterproof up to 20 meters deep, which is approximately sixty feet. It’s got...

drink no more

Drink No More Keeps Unwanted Drinkers Out Of Your Toilet


For everyone out there who’s sick of their pets (and occasionally those wacky drunken relatives) using their toilet as a free drinking fountain, take note, because the gadget of your dreams has emerged. It’s called the Drink No More, and it’s implanted on the underside of the toilet lid.  Once...