Daily Archives: October 15, 2009

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Satsports GPS Is The Swiss Army Of Navigation Devices


GPS devices have become so common place these days you can barely cross an intersection without seeing one mounted to a car’s windshield or a biker’s wrist.  The Satsports GPS, though, is like no other on the market today and can provide pertinent information to bikers, skiers, golfers and runners....

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The Cell Phone / Tumor Link: Closer Than Ever?


Well folks, a new bit of data has emerged about the idea of cell phones and brain tumors. Seems that Environmental Working Group released data just recently that detailed just how much radiation you’re sucking up when you’re on the phone.  And then the Los Angeles Times followed that up...


EasyPark Ends Parking Tickets For Nearly Everyone


This gadget is currently huge in the Bahamas (and a couple others by the look of it), but will likely catch on everywhere fairly soon.  If you’ve ever been out in a downtown area swimming with parking meters, you likely know how horrible it is to forget or not have...


Pure Elan II Pauses and Rewinds Live Radio


If you’ve ever been listening to your radio and wished that you could rewind a song, either all the way back so you could start from the beginning or just a couple lines so you could catch some garbled phrase again, the Pure Elan II might be just what you...


The Biggest Gadget of All: The Solar Powered House


Solar powered house, anyone? Anyone looking for the house of the future should take note of the Solar Decathalon currently taking place at the National Mall in Washington DC.  This event brings together college students from around the world to build a house, no larger than eight hundred square feet,...