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Is iPhone Jailbreaking Heading To An End?


According to reports, the next batch of iPhone 3GS to hit stores will be far more difficult, if not impossible to Jailbreak.  Sad news, I know, but there is always hope.  And for those of you that are still considering updating the iPhone’s software but haven’t, and of course would...


A Travel Alarm Clock That Runs On Water

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Here’s a great piece for all you road warriors out there–the travel alarm clock is a great invention, especially when you don’t trust that cheap clock radio the hotel leaves by your bedside any farther than you can throw it. But chances are you’ve run out of batteries for your...

the rationalizer

The Rationalizer Gives A Visual Cue of Emotion

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The Rationalizer is slated to be the newest tool in a stock trader’s arsenal, but when you hear about it, you might find it just a little familiar.  You fasten a small bracelet to your wrist, and the wrist measures stuff like skin temperature and galvanic skin responses and whatnot...


The Dell Adamo XPS Laptop Could Not Be Much Thinner


I have seen some THIN laptops in my day, but the Dell Adamo XPS is so thin that it would make supermodels take a look at it and say, damn, eat a SANDWICH or something.  Thin is great and all but there are limits, and the Dell Adamo XPS butts...


The Wikireader: Wikipedia Anywhere


Sometimes, you wish you could get access to shaky, variable quality information about just about any topic.  it’s times like these that we usually turn to the internet–but what if we’re away from the wireless internet or what have you? That’s where the WikiReader device comes in.  It’s powered by...