Daily Archives: October 14, 2009

Blackberry Bold White

White Blackberry Bold Launch Date And Price Revealed


Looks like it’s official with AT&T’s announcement, the up to now black BlackBerry Bold will be making an appearance in a ghostly white skin. At first I thought it a bit strange but it’s definitely growing on me. Expect an October 18 release for $199 after 2 year contract. This...

Motorola Sholes Now Droid

Motorola Sholes (aka Droid) Shows Itself To The Camera


Motorola has already made their allegiance to the Android platform clear as day; they’ve all but moved into Google’s offices.  Now one of the many anticipated handsets from the handset manufacture, code named ‘Sholes‘ or ‘Shules’, now ‘Droid’, has made some time for the camera.  Based on badging Verizon appears...


Madden NFL Arcade Arrives This December On XBLA And PSN


Hoping to give gamers a more streamlined Madden experience this holiday at a budget price, EA is launching Madden NFL Arcade for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in December for only $15.  In this version they’ve totally stripped down the presentation and gameplay, and transformed it into a game that...

Samsung To Launch Blue Earth Solar Powered Phone In Sweden This Month


Samsung announced the launch of their Blue Earth device, an eco-friendly smartphone powered by the sun. This fully touchscreen phone is expected to be available in Sweden by the end of this month, followed by France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and other European/Asian countries. So one would expect a solar-powered...