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LG solar powered ereader

LG’s Solar Powered e-Reader Will Change Your Summer Reading


LG is coming out with an amazing new gadget that’ll quite possibly change the way you think about summer: the solar-powered e-reader. This is actually a whole lot of amazing in one sentence, so I’ll try and break it down into more manageable chunklets for you.  One, an e-reader that...


HP ProBook Takes Spill To the Keyboard – Survives Unscathed

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Well, now I’m just plain old amazed.  We’ve all been here at one time or another and spilled something hot and flavorful–or maybe cold and flavorful–on our laptop keyboard.  And chances are, your laptop never behaved quite the same after that, even if you DID manage to keep it from...


Dyson’s Newest Gadget – The Bladeless Fan


There’s been some rumor stirring around about the newest gadget from Dyson, and the announcement has recently been made.  Dyson’s next project is a familiar one: the bladeless desk fan. Sure, it sounds ludicrous–how do you have a desk fan without blades?  Well, if you’re Dyson, you replace the blades...


Litterworks’ Automatic Litter Box Cuts Down A Tough Job


If you’ve got cats, then you know what the worst thing about having them is.  Namely, it’s their litterboxes.  Cats are pooping in your house, and you’re left to clean it up. Did we lose a war? Yes, I know, once again, Simpsons did it first.  But you can now...