Daily Archives: October 13, 2009


JVC UX-LP5 iPod/CD Player Stereo System Review


Finding the perfect iPod speaker system can be a daunting task at best.  With so many choices to choose from and seemingly hundreds of new brands emerging all over the place, it can end up being quite the process.  What most docks have forgotten however, is old media.  While some...


E-Pad Laptop Pillow Desk


Having just bought a new laptop I was excited to be able to work outside of my basement but wanted to find a nice accessory to keep my computer elevated properly and comfortable at the same time.  I found one at Ikea that I like to call a laptop pillow....

Nes Guitar

NES Guitar Mod Is The Donkey To My Kong (video)


Without a doubt the NES Guitar gets the ‘random post of the day award’ (we don’t actually issue that award).  Apparently, this is the second iteration of the mod and it actually works.  Flipping up the cartridge slot reveals the 3 knobs generally found on a guitar and the AV...


Wii CyberBike Cycling Sports


In an age where high-priced gaming peripheral bundles are becoming standardized purchases, Nintendo is set to release something huge.  Enter the Nintendo Wii CyberBike. Packed with the new Wii game Cycling Sports, this might be the most expensive controller we’ve seen yet.  While no price has been determined it’s too...

Q3 Hero

Zoom’s Q3 Camcorder Now Available For Purchase


Remember Zoom’s Q3 handy camcorder? You know, the one with two condenser mics perched atop its shiny blue body?  Well, it’s now available for purchase at select retailers, including Amazon for $249.  Now you can record CD quality sound and video in a pocket sized format. Other features: 2.4-inch 320×240...

GlideTV remote

GlideTV Navigator: Looks Like An Ashtray Cover


For those of you that have a computer hooked up to your home theater full time, the new GlideTV Navigator is designed with you in mind. The palm sized wireless remote can take you away from a bulkier wireless keyboard you might have been using and looks much more at...