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Wildcharge Pad and Skin Review - 09

WildCharge Pad & iPhone Skin Review


The dreams of Telsa have yet to be fully realized, but that hasn’t stopped a many of a company from releasing products that lay claim to ‘wireless or wire-free charging’.  But alas, until that day is upon us we’ll have to settle with a variation there of, such as the...


Lip Gloss With Roofie Testing Strips


2 Love My Lips is already an established lip gloss and cosmetics company that is now offering roofie test strips when you buy a lip gloss container.  Having known someone who was recently roofied, I can’t help but think how important it is for a woman to carry these around...


Undead Japanese Warrior Controller For The PS3

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I really don’t know what to think about this.  Gaudy, tawdry, or just plain cool?  For the PS3 only, this Undead Japanese Warrior controller is ready to be pried from the cold dead hands of some teenage gamer. With an actual removable (and then subsequently lost or swallowed by some...


Equaliser Beanie Pumps Up The Visual Jam


In an effort to “keep they heads ringing”, this new Equaliser music hat uses a sound reactive blue luminescent display to actively show the world around you that you’re listening to music by a constant surge of ascending and descending lights you’d typically associate with a digital equalizer.  Nice giant...


FlowerPot EYE Concept Shows You Your Roots

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Gardening and horticulture are fastly becoming new hobbies for thousands of Americans embracing this powerful green movement and many of them may be very interested in what Olga Kalugina has created. The FlowerPot Eye is a sort of X-Ray flowerpot that not only shows the roots of your plant but...