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Cresyn C750E In-Ear Stereo Earphones Review


During my quest for the ultimate earphone I have had the chance to review several pairs from companies I had not previously heard of.  Being pleasantly surprised on many an occasion, The Cresyn C750E’s are just that. Having a solid sound and a comfortable fit, I am compelled to recommend...

Nokia 900 Hands On

Nokia N900 Hands On At CTIA (video)


You might have read my review of the N97 – I didn’t like it.  Sure, it has a touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard, but at the end of the day they were both relatively useless – ok that’s unfair, the touchscreen was useless. But not so with the N900.  I’m...

Flo TV - 2

FLO TV Personal Television Hands On AT CTIA (video)


For sometime now FLO TV has been partnering up with device makers to deliver streaming TV any where you travel in the US.  But now they’re ready to take on the hardware market and yesterday they introduced the FLO TV Personal Television.  Steve just posted an article this AM about...

flo TV

Digital TV Didn’t Stop the Flo TV Personal Television


Remember how the digital TV switch left most portable TVs useless? Well, the folks at Flo TV have developed a portable television device that laughs at the digital divide, the Flo TV  Personal Television. No waiting.  No buffering.  No nothing–just start watching and use your fingertip on the touchscreen to...

nuclear battery

Coming Soon To Your iPod (Maybe)–Nuclear Batteries


The minds out at Missouri University are neck deep in one of the coolest and at the same time scariest gadget concepts I’ve ever heard: nuclear batteries. No, really.  Nuclear batteries.  See, as it turns out, nukes have secretly been running everything from pacemakers to satellites for years, and no...

mobile 3d film

3M’s New Polymer Film Makes Portable Gadgets 3-D


So 3M, those great innovators, have come up with a way to get you to watch 3-D on your mobile device of choice, but without the glasses entirely.  Check THIS out:  they’ve developed this optical film (that you can apply to any gadget’s backlight system) that uses two alternating rows...