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The EcoATM–Scrap Your Junk, Get Paid


If you’re anything like me, you’ve got an old cell phone or two laying around the house and you’re about dying to get rid of it.  But you’ve got no idea where or how to dump it.  We all know there are loads of hazardous material laws to grapple with,...

Kindle DX

Students Hate The Kindle eReader


That’s a strange thought to wake up to, isn’t it?  Well, it turns out they’ve got reason.  Read on: Words like “clunky”, “slow”, and “a real pain” have come up, as students trying out the Kindle DX in classes are discovering that the ereader may not be the replacement for...


Samsung Behold II About To Launch in US

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Cell phone buffs, listen up, because the long awaited arrival of the Samsung Behold II in the United States is coming on the order of soon. The Behold II, which uses Google’s Android operating system along with Samsung’s own Touchwiz interface offers a 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a five megapixel...

Rising Card-1

Rising Card iPhone Application Review


Do you love magic?  Do you have an iPhone?  If so, get yourself over to the iTunes app store and plunk down $2.99 for what might be one of the more novel and original applications to hit the iPhone.  Called Rising Card, the application is based off the classic and...

Powermat Mat

Powermat Wireless Charging Flips The Switch, Now Available

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It’s been about 10 months since any word from the company, but Powermat‘s wireless charging solution has finally gone live. The design of the ‘receivers’ (the cases for your products that make the wireless charging possible) look largely unchanged from CES, but then again it’s a bit hard to tell...


Madden NFL 2010 Game Review (Xbox 360)


By now we all know what a behemoth the Madden franchise is and the impact it has had on sports gaming in general.  Some cherish it and some loathe it, but it’s the only licensed NFL game available, so play it you must. I remember a time when football gaming...