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Naughty Dog Kills Twitter On Uncharted 2


Just as soon as we post on Naughty Dog implementing Twitter to Uncharted 2 they take it away.  I guess they just thought it was annoying as a days worth of gaming could produce up to fifty Twitter updates in about five hours.  While that seems like a bit overwhelming...


Smoke Em’ If You Flaunt Em': CuffLink Mini-Lighters


These currently sold out Cufflink Lighters will say more about you than you ever imagined.  At $40 for the pair, the product page claims that these are real working mini-lighters that were dispensed in gumball machines over 50 years ago.  Huh? What else can be said about these cufflinks that’s...


Innovative: Griffin exPort In-Flight Video Cable

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Being fond of several Griffin products I couldn’t help but notice how cool this one looks.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen screens on Airplane seat backs but I know they still exist.  If you are an iPhone/iPod owner seeking a bigger screen during air travel then the Griffin exPort...


Call Of Duty Movie Trademark Filed By Activision

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Aren’t we excited!  Video game to movie translations can be an iffy thing at best, but it appears as though Activision is looking to take it’s hugely successful franchise to the silver screen.  Do we think it will be comparable to other video game movies? News of this had recently...

Tekken Again

Tekken 6 PS3 Slim 250GB Bundle: Europe Only But Not The UK


This fall is just chalk full of console bundle news.  Today’s bundle is the PS3 Slim 250GB coupled with Tekken 6.  So far it’s only slated for European territories but apparently not the UK according to SCE UK. Pricing is at 349 Euros and the bundle will be available by...

Gateway EC18T Tablet PC

Gadget Leak: Gateway’s EC18T Tablet PC


Gateway has become a pretty small gang member in the laptop turf wars, but that doesn’t mean the company is devoid of leaks and what I dare say is anticipation.  There’s no official word as of yet, but according to a tipster this is their soon to be announced tablet...

Float House-1

Float House: A Home That Floats Away When It Floods


Hurricane Katrina left 1000s homeless when the levies broke.  The water surged in and destroyed everything they had including their homes. Introduced today as part of Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, the Float House is a specially designed home built to survive yet another Katrina like flood.  Instead of...

Dj Hero Box Art

DJ Hero Set List Revealed


DJ Hero is just weeks away from being launched and if you’re like me you don’t give a hoot about the set list – I just wanna play the game.  But if you happen to be nothing like me and would like to know what you’re getting into before you...


The IgNobel Prize Winning Gas Mask Bra–A Real Lifesaver


Ladies of the interwebz, pay attention, because what I’ve got here today is a little something extra special.  I’ve got here the first ever piece of lung-erie, the Gas Mask Bra.  And after a pun like that, you may well be wanting a gas mask to get out from under...