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Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter To Cost $100, Ouch

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The Xbox 360 might reign supreme in the game department, but from a hardware perspective it stills falls short when compared to the PS3.  You’re probably think I’m talking about Blu-ray, right?  Wrongzo.  I’m talking about the lack of built-in WiFi.  And it now looks like you’re gonna have to...


W WatchPhone From Kempler And Strauss (video)


The watch phone has long been reemed between folk lore and the stuff made of dreams.  Last year LG garnered an endless array of headlines when they announced the first watch phone from a major consumer electronics company.  Unfortunately, its announcement was followed by the revealing of a hefty price...

HTC Tilt 2 And Pure Get Official On AT&T


AT&T officially announced the availability of the HTC Tilt 2 and Pure. We’ve already seen the Tilt 2 with official AT&T branding and it looks like they’ll be charging a pretty hefty sum much like the other carriers out there. The PURE on the other hand, will be a bit...


Gaming Rumor: New Medal Of Honor Game To Be Modern Warfare Style

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Looks like perhaps EA wants to get in on this whole Modern Warfare madness.  Isn’t that what Battlefield: Bad Company is?  Good thing for EA that Activision doesn’t have an exclusive Modern Combat license right! The rumblings going around consist of an ex-EA production intern from 2008 posting somewhere that...


Mini Bot Headphone Splitter Is Cute Keychainess

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Look at this cute little guy.  The Mini Bot might look like another crap key chain accessory, but it is in fact a headphone splitter.  Just pop off his head to reveal the headphone jack, plug in your headphones to his eye sockets and you’ll be sharing your iPods audio...