Daily Archives: October 1, 2009


PSPGo Now Available For Purchase


Hate it or love it, the PSPGo is now available for consumer purchase.  Amazon has it is in black and white for $249 a pop.  It supports 16GB of storage, Bluetooth and 3.8-inch LCD screen.  Whether or not we’ll see the same free game offer that has supposedly been extended...

LG Launches The GD510, Offers Optional Solar Panel Back Cover


LG officially announced their “Pop” phone yesterday, better known as the GD510. It lays claim to being the most compact 3-inch touchscreen phone on the market today, although I’m not sure how they’re qualifying that statement. What’s really drawing headlines, though, is the optional solar panel… To continue reading “LG...


Dropbox App Comes To The iPhone


If you don’t have Dropbox I suggest you download it now.  I’m about 15 months into using the free file exchange service (up to 2GB, then you pay more) and it’s by far the cleanest and easiest to use.  It works by running in the background of your computer and...


A Thanko Gadget That Works? The AudioPlayer AV


Thanko doesn’t exactly have a good record when it comes to their gadgets, folks, but here’s an exciting piece of news–apparently their MP4 viewer is coming to be regarded as a solid buy! Now that’s exciting enough as it is–it’s almost like saying “Man, this fried cockroach tastes delicious!”–but not...


Split Ring Key Lets Keys Be Their Own Chain


Constantly getting locked out of the house or your car?  Can’t stand the idea of hiding keys?  Sick of calling locksmiths?  Well, a surprisingly low tech solution is about to solve that serious problem for you. It’s called the Split Ring Key Blank, and it’s a key ring that’s also...


The Turbine Boss Helps Keep You Green


If you’re sick of paying heating bills that only seem to get more larcenous the farther in to winter you go, or if you just want to save some heating oil and go green this winter, then you’ll want to keep your eyes out for the Turbine Boss, a new...