You’ve heard about the cardboard gadget cover, and the cover you make yourself from old comic books, now try the newest thing in temporary gadget faceplating, the Wrappz system.

Wrappz are small self-adhesive packages that cover your gadgets and help protect against dust.  They come in a variety of designs, including Spongebob Squarepants, model Keeley, and Premier League sports teams.  Now you can cover your laptop with the damned United, and that’s not just a clever movie pun.

Plus, if you’re big into European soccer, you can advertise your love of the beautiful game with these covers.  Wrappz come in sizes sufficient to fit iPods, almost every major console except, for some reason, the Xbox 360, laptops, and the option to create a custom size Wrappz case in case your laptop model isn’t available.

Further, if you hurry, you can get fifty percent off your order by following the directions at the “via” link.

[via Daily Mirror]