Now available in the United States is the Viliv X70EX, a mobile internet device weighing in at just under one and a half pounds with a seven inch touch screen.

The basic model starts in with an Atom Z515 CPU and a hundred and sixty gig hard drive, while the upgraded model has an Atom z520 processor and a three hundred twenty gig hard drive.  A final version boosts the upgraded model to include a gig of DDR2 ram, wireless internet and Bluetooth, plus a web camera, a mike and speakers.

The idea of a really tiny netbook is actually kind of interesting, though I’m not really sure any of these will ever truly replace the laptop.  Especially when you consider the price–the entry level model retails for six hundred bucks whilst the next two are seven hundred thirty and eight hundred eighty respectively.  That’s pretty salty for a tiny little webcrawler.