So apparently someone’s finally got a handle on the perfect way to handle your iPod nano, allowing you to change it on the fly from portrait to landscape orientation and help in your taking of hand-held video.

It’s called the Kickster, and they sell for just over fourteen bucks.  The Kickster is essentially a flip-down tab that gives you a place to set your iPod so that it angles up ninety degrees, turning vertical into horizontal.

While close relative the kickBACK n5 got roundly slammed as being absurd, the Kickster seems to be doing just fine in the court of public opinion.  Of course, you could probably do the same job with one of those two dollar picture frames with two hooks, or just some duct tape and a ruler, but they probably don’t look as cool as this.

Seems if you want to shift your iPod ninety degrees to the left or right, the Kickster is the way to go.