Just in case anyone wants to get sue-happy, let me preface this installment by saying that I am not a doctor, nor do I even play one on TV, but one of the biggest trends in gadgets is the electronic cigarette.  We reported on these once before, but early estimates show that these will be one of the big must-have gadgets for Christmas 2009.

The electronic cigarette, just for reminders’ sake, offers a new way to get access to nicotine by, instead of setting fire to nicotine-containing goods and inhaling the smoke, by putting nicotine directly into the electronic cigarette, vaporizing it,  and allowing it to deliver nicotine in slow bursts throughout the day.

Whether or not these things might help you quit smoking is undetermined, but it sure does look like to the layman that even if they didn’t help, there’d still be every reason to believe that these might be more healthy.  And in smoking, every little edge helps.