If you’re not whistling the Spectacular Spider-Man theme song yet, you likely will be after I finish filling you in on the new Spiderbot.

The Spiderbot, you see, is a spider like robot (as you no doubt surmised from the name itself), with one interesting difference.  It shoots webs.  Yes, it shoots out webbing of sufficient strength to support its own weight.  Also, the Spiderbot is capable of sticking to walls.  It is, essentially, a gigantic robot spider.

Now, I don’t know if this is just some new toy–the fact that it would be an awesome toy notwithstanding–or the precursor to some kind of new and awesome device, but if it gets me to the point where I can swing on webs to get around instead of taking the car, you can sign me up to be an early adopter.  The Spiderbot itself is indeed awesome, but what the Spiderbot could be is even more so.