The Electronic Cigarette–Blessing Or Curse?

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13 Comments to The Electronic Cigarette–Blessing Or Curse?

  1. I just bought a kit from Chinavasion with enough refills for six month, for a friend, for about $90. including the shipping. The kit was delivered here in Canada, from China, in five days. I mailed a package to a town 150 miles from here, and it took 12 days. ecigarettes should be advertized be our governments as a smoking, alternative!


  3. Tony–nice find!

    Randall–I make no bones about the fact that cigarettes likely killed my grandfather and made his last years a living hell. Of course, he probably had more of them than he would have had he not quit earlier on. I’m enthused about anything that’ll help a smoker quit, because I’ve seen how tough it is.

  4. very nice. quick and to the point, and accurate with notions that people ignore or don’t note.

    yes, nicotine is in many things that we consume on a daily basis, not just tobacco.

    if i’m not mistaken…nicotine can be made synthetically as well.

    actually, you don’t even have to use nicotine in it. maybe you’ve smoked for 30 years and just want an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, or a supplement to them.

    if there’s a device to give us the same type of satisfaction as smoking a tobacco cigarette, and at an ALARMINGLY lower risk to our health….seems the government and health care would really love that idea right??


    just hit your friendly search engine and look for ecig related forums, there’s an abundance of information out there to help anyone get started.

    excellent post, GadgetReview, kudos to you for doing some actual research :)

  5. Hey Steven, I didn’t know there was nicoting in Potatos LOL… but I have been researching Electronic Cigarettes recently, and have started using one of those blu cigs. I can tell you I am pretty impressed. I think that in a few years they will have a very good product for the masses. They are not quite ready for it just yet, but give it some time… we will all be smoking one of these.

  6. $200 bucks? I got my Mini Essentials starter kit for $27.95 for a quality product from FreshSmoking[.]com. The positive effects are numerous.

    I smoked for more than 10 years and now I’ve completely stopped smoking normal cigarettes and made the switch to electronic ones. I can breathe easier, no longer cough and no longer have a gross coated throat.

    FreshSmoking will treat you right, their customer service is great and I got my order in 2 days! Stop coughing and wasting money on cigarettes, check them out.

  7. Thanks for this! I switched to e-cigs in March after a 30-year, pack-a-day cigarette habit, and I’m simply amazed by the device.

    I don’t sell them, so I won’t say where to buy one, but yeah, you can find them much cheaper than $200. There are e-cig forums out there to help smokers who want to know more. :o)

  8. With all the negative press lately, it’s nice to see someone actually point out the positive side of e-cigs. There hasn’t been any significant research yet, so we don’t know the long-term health effects, but common sense says that a comparison to regular cigarettes makes these seem much less dangerous. And you can get them for a LOT less than $200. Check out for some really good deals.

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