An electronic cigarette?  Man, now I’ve seen a gadget for just about every possible occasion.  But in this case, maybe it’d do some good.

We all know that there’s a raftload of chemicals in cigarette smoke.  It smells horrible, stains teeth and destroys lungs.  But what if there were a cigarette that delivered nicotine but without the smoke?  Enter the electronic cigarette to do just that.

See, you may not know this, but nicotine is actually found in things like potatoes and eggplant and tomatoes, basically any plant in the nightshade family.  So it becomes possible to distill nicotine outside of tobacco and instead put it into a slow-delivery system like the electronic cigarette.  There’s no smoke, no stink, just nicotine going directly into a smoker’s bloodstream without the problems associated with smoking.

They cost about two hundred bucks each, but considering that a pack of smokes go for at least five bucks these days, it’s not so hard to see where this could get a lot of people off cigarettes for good.