The Automatic Can Crusher Concept–No More Bruised Foreheads!

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8 Comments to The Automatic Can Crusher Concept–No More Bruised Foreheads!

  1. Hi I’m a college students and currently doing my final year project and I had some questions and queries on how the automated can crusher is manufactured, what is the process of manufacturing this product and also if you manufacture them in mass production.

    Thanks for your time
    Michee Yedu

  2. This looks good for normal cans but what about cans from those energy drinks and Arizona iced tea cans? Are they gonna introduce a newer version 3 months down the road and upset early adopters?


    Practical demonstration of the Zertronix Automated Aluminum Can Crusher Prototype.

    Pre-order for Super Bowl Delivery:

    See my project at Kickstarter:

    See my reviews at:


    Gadget Review:


  4. i do like the concept and looks but what concerns me is that i can’t find this make or model anywhere else. where did you find this can crushing device

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