In what smells to be a heaping pile of malarky,  Epic Games is saying that Gears of War 3 “may” or “might” appear on next generation consoles.  Only really citing their upcoming Unreal 4 engine as a reason, this seems really lame to me.

Since next-gen hardware is still 4-5 years off, people will either have long forgotten Gears of War or have harbored such a massive grudge that they will boycott the game entirely, and then play it.  Either way I think that Epic Games owes it to the Xbox 360 to release Gears of War 3 within its life span.

There has got to be some other issues going on that we don’t know about and this is some unfortunate “news” indeed.  Just a short while back Cliffy B was touting new RPG like features to be implemented into Gears 3.  Booo!  Anybody else?


Jeff B