TGS 2009 Rumor: No Gears Of War 3 On The Xbox 360?

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14 Comments to TGS 2009 Rumor: No Gears Of War 3 On The Xbox 360?

  1. F that…I was in my 20’s when I had GOW, then late 20’s for GOW2 and now my career is taking off and getting busier with family. If they release GOW3 five to six years from now on a new console…then I’m done. Clif B sticks to what works. If I wanted RPG I would of follow all of Final Fantasy. Why da hell would you change something that already is working and has thousands of hard-core fan? Unless you purposely want to ruin EPIC.

  2. i dont think they’ve got the balls to wait until the nxt generation, 4 to 5 years is too long to wait and the fans will have moved on the should strike when the iron is hot, thankfully gaming is 1 of the few things where the fans are listened too

  3. Hopefully this is just a strategy to make fans think that they’re waiting for the next gen Xbox console to release the game but when E3 2010 comes, boom!, a full blown surprise with a Gears 3 trailer plastered with a 2010 or early 2011 release date. BUT they might be serious!. I’m sure they’ll listen to the fans and finish the series this generation.

  4. Boo Epic Boo… If thats the case then Im done with Gears and Epic. I know about 90% of the game community feels the same. I have been a huge fan of gow since day 1 and supported all of epics efforts (games and dlc) mainly due to my love of the series. But if epic wants to wait 4-5 years then the series is lost and so is the fan base. Epic is just opening the door for another developer to walk in and make it self at home in gow seat. Boo epic Boo. I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER NEW CONSOLE JUST TO PLAY GLITCHES OF WAR 3


    If they officially announce that they’re not going to release Gears 3 until the new Xbox drops, I’m done with it. I’m not going to wait 6 years for a newer console just to play that game. Boo to EPIC if that happens!

  6. Nicholas Hati

    RPG gears 3… character creation would be nice for ONLINE play or running around as part of Delta, but… keep it a 3rd person shooter like Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. But to be honest Jeff, if EPIC just keeps throwing new DLC at us for the next 2-3 years we’ll be fine without them losing to many fans. 4-5 and i have to buy a NEW system.. I will post a video on YOUTUBE of me burning everything that says gears. Hell, they could have put 1 or 2 female playable characters in the DARK CORNERS DLC… but they didnt. They could have made NOWHERE not so damn Glll-ll-lll-itchhhhhhhy. but… they didnt. Gears of War was great… but in 4-5 years, It might as well be called “Gears of War 3 croaton” ((If u dont know what that word means, look it up.. You’ll laugh)) Jeff, i do agree with u. Just not in all.

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