For those of you survivalists out there compiling your “apocalypse gear” collection, this may be the flashlight you have been dreaming about.  Harnessing an appropriately titled Flashpoint Power Technology, the flashlight uses environmentally friendly ultracapacitors to help manage the the flow of energy in terms of performance and run time.  So without the help of actual conventional batteries this 5.11 tactical flashlight can be fully charged in 90 seconds.

With that full charge you get 23.5 hours of continuous light.  Sounds freaking amazing to me and if there is any downside to this awesome technology it would have to be the $170 price tag.  Even so, check out the specs below if you’re still not sold.

  • Recharges in 90 seconds
  • No batteries – uses ultra-capacitors, no memory loss
  • Made of a firearm-grade high-strength polymer
  • Impact, abrasion, and water resistant
  • Contains 3 LEDs rated for more than 50,000 hours
  • Will charge and hold its charge 50,000 times
  • 4 output options: Standard (90 lumens), Peak (270 lumens), Strobe and Standby
  • 12 Volt DC Charger, Plastic Belt Ring with Nylon Strap, and a mounting bracket
  • Size: 11.5″ x 1.75″ diameter

[via TheGreenHead]


Jeff B