Now THIS could shake some stuff up, no mistake.

Okay, so everyone pretty much knows by now that Sony’s dead last in the console wars, right?  The Xbox 360 has games that the PS3 will never see in a million years and the Wii is so singularly outrageous that anything either does in that direction will be derided as just copying.  So what’s poor Sony to do?

Well, if you’re Sony, you start developing a line of Bravia TVs that can display in 3-D, special glasses and all.  And offer Playstation 3 support for same.  Not to mention Vaio and Blu-ray support, too.

Now this, much like the desperate last-ditch doomsday weapons the Nazis were constantly coming up with back in the 1940s, just might be what Sony needed.  Imagine a first person shooter so realistic that the monsters lunge out at you directly.  Think about your first go-round with a Resident Evil installment…and how you would have felt had one of those things jumped out at you.

It SOUNDS cool, at least on the surface.  The only real question will be how the execution goes off.  And especially, given the down economic climate, if anyone cares enough to replace a perfectly good TV with a brand-new Sony Bravia in 3-D.  They’ll start showing up next year, so you know we’ll keep our eyes front.