Sony is definitely telling me what time it is with this positively bodacious looking dock clock for the iPhone/iPod. Packed with some innovative features I desperately need a PR contact that deals with this product.

On the pricey side ($150),  the ICF-CL75iP will totally have one night stands rubber-necking the morning after.  Featuring a giant 7-inch 800×480 LCD screen, you can play movies (MP4, M-JPEG, and AVI files) and slide-show pictures from your phone or USB stick.  It also has 1GB of internal memory for storage of the above mentioned material.

Beyond the normal AM/FM and iPod alarm functions, you can also program a 10-second voice recording to help you get out of bed.  Whose voice would you use?

Not that I want to gripe about features, but it could have internet/WiFi connectivity for weather reports as well as a projected ceiling time display.

No word on release date but I’d love to get my hands on this thing.


Jeff B