In a move that is entirely all things Sony,  some featured Blu-Ray releases will contain a free digital copy for your PSP.  The catch is that you will need a PS3 to do the transfer.

For example, Sony Films will be releasing the Blu-Ray version of Godzilla on November 3rd that will be bundled with a separate DVD-ROM that provides access to the digital copy.  From there you just jam the disc into your PS3 and download the digital version of the Godzilla.  After that all you have to do is transfer it to your PSP via USB and you are good to go.

Essentially you will have all this Sony stuff to make this a worthwhile deal.  But do you really care anyway?  If you are going out and actually buying Godzilla on Blu-Ray do you really need to watch it again on your PSP?

Again, another nice move by Sony but will it go largely unnoticed?


Jeff B