The price structure has been announced for the AT&T 3G MicroCell, a line of femtocells, devices designed to help AT&T customers get better reception inside buildings, as well as faster overall speeds.  Described as being “like having a cell phone tower in your home”, the 3G MicroCell is the first such publicly-tested device of its kind.

But the web community’s getting pretty torqued about the fact that you have to shell out monthly cash for this little beauty–about twenty bucks a month for unlimited use and ten if you subscribe to AT&T wireless and home phone.  Include the internet service in that last and you get the MicroCell free of charge.

It’s sort of a low blow, offering a device that’ll let you use the device you pay to use in all situations but then requiring people to pay for it.  For crying out loud, they’re already subscribers–why not just send everyone a free one to keep your base interested?