I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been using my laptop on my bed, sofa and just about anywhere I go.  After all, it is a laptop.  But Philips apparently thinks we’ve all been sitting at a desk and using our mobile computer, at least that’s what their product video would have me believe.

The Philips Cushion Speaker is just like any other laptop stand – it includes padding and some stuff to distribute heat so you don’t fry your reproductive organs – but includes a “premium” built-in speaker.  At the back of the stand is a retractable USB cord which plugs into your laptop and draws the necessary power for all that premium sound.

There’s no word on a price, but it does sound useful, that is of course the speaker can truly deliver quality sound.

Hit the ‘read’ link for the full release, which includes a Notebook speaker that mounts to the top of your laptop, but be warned, it’s a PDF.


Christen Costa

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