Monthly Archives: September 2009


Epson Dreamio Adds Little Seen Feature–Built In DVD


Here’s a new and interesting piece of gadget news for you this morning, folks–I’ve just heard about the Epson Dreamio, a strange projector with one really impressive feature.  That strange feature?  A built in DVD player. Most projectors don’t include DVD players for a handful of good reasons–it’s entirely too...

Gadget Leak: Verizon HTC’s XV6975 Imagio


It looks like Verizon is set to launch yet another HTC phone, yet this one, the HTC XV6975 Imagio, lacks a physical QWERTY keyboard. While price and actual launch date are still unknown, specs wise were looking at a 3.6-inch touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.5, microSD card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack,...

Motorol CLIQ Launch Date And Price For T-Mobile Officially Announced


It’s official, T-Mobile announced pre-order details on their newest Motorola CLIQ. The CLIQ will be available for pre-order to existing customers on October 19 through November 1. The day after on November 2nd, it’ll be available online and through retail stores to the general public. The price? Expect it to...


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves MultiPlayer Demo Out Right Now


Lodging itself up in the PSN demos section is the new Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer demo.  Encompassing 1.3Gb’s of hard drive space and arriving at 11 Am this morning (PST), the demo really lets you have it all. Featuring 4 MP maps, 4 competitive modes, and 2 co-op modes,...


Hercules Intros The New XPS Ultra Slim Speaker Line


Being slim is literally all the rage these days.  I just posted my review of the Hercules 2.1 50 Speaker System to high praise and now the company is debuting a sleeker and more futuristic slim version. This new multimedia speaker line claims to be among the slimmest satellite  speakers...


The Word Is: Project Natal Will NOT Be Backwards Compatible


I am beginning to loathe the words “Not Backwards Compatible.”  No PS3 Slim, no PSPgo, and now we have word that MicroSoft’s Project Natal will also not be backwards compatible. The problem is that a simple patch issued is not enough to make already released games work with the Natal. ...


PodXtreme Amplified Speaker Could Make A Great Necklace


Straight from the pages of your favorite airline catalog SkyMall, comes the PodXtreme Amplified Speaker for any gadget that has a headphone jack.  This tiny little speaker is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery allowing for a much louder sound that other speakers of this ilk can’t offer because they...


Sony Giving Away Gran Turismo If You Buy A PSPgo


In an effort to quell some of the “not all that” PSPgo reviews that have been piling up, Sony is giving away a free digital copy Gran Turismo to new buyers of the handheld system. Starting on October 1st at 14.00hrs (GMT) to October 10th 23.59hrs (GMT), all you have...