Origaudio Speakers–The Speakers You Can Fold Up and Carry Around

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8 Comments to Origaudio Speakers–The Speakers You Can Fold Up and Carry Around

  1. I ordered the Rock-it from them on a sale, was 50, I paid 20 with groupon. They charged me 10 for shipping, shipped me a defective unit, then made me pay to ship back their defective unit. Unit was completely Dead on Arrival. Ended up paying 40 and waiting 4 weeks for such a piece of crap product. NEVER EVER EVER order a ROCKIT from Origaudio.com, if you are gonna buy one, get it from Ebay, its cheaper, and at least ebay sellers have decency to fix their mistake at their cost, because there is some accountability with their Ebay feedback, not so much with OrigAudio.com

  2. I bought them to get music out of my laptop while traveling. However, the sound is worse than the sound of the laptop’s internal speakers. I would NOT recommend these speakers, in spite of the fact that they’re ‘eco-friendly’ blah blah blah. A waste of money.

  3. Pleas note: Origaudio will not refund your money if you don’t like them. “All sales are final.” I wanted my money back because you can hardly hear them. My cell phone is louder by itself than with these speakers plugged in. Sound quality? There is no sound quality. Save your money and look elsewhere.

  4. I just bought a set of the origaudio speakers using the code “Redbirds” and it worked. It gave me $6. So it came to a total of $10 plus $4.95 shipping (the cheapest shipping option). The $6 discount seems to apply once regardless of how many speakers you purchase. The shipping cost does increase incrementally if you buy more speakers.

  5. These speakers are incredible. If you go to http://www.origaudio.com and put in “Redbirds” at checkout then you can get them for $6 off the regular price….so they are $10 with the code “Redbirds”. This offer lasts until December 2009!!! Get them now they are great gifts….easy to take with you…and produce awesome sound….AND you get to choose your favorite style out of 6 designs!!! Check them out at http://www.origaudio.com now!!!!

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