Another day another battery pack for the iPhone.  But wait, there’s more.  Much like the battery pack we saw from MotionTouch in July, Novothink is set to release their own version of the solar powered battery pack for the iPhone and iPod touch called the Surge.  And their claim to fame is that this is the first ever Apple-certified one.

But before you get too excited keep in mind it will take about 20 hours to fully charge its internal battery from the solar rays, so think of it as supplementary and not a replacement for standard wall charging.

On the back of the device, in addition to the solar panels are 4 LED lights to indicate the Surge’s level of charge and although they claim there is a 30-pin connector I can’t seem to find one in the pictures, though there is a mini USB port.  Those of you with the the EDGE iteration of the iPhone, or an iPod Touch Gen 1 are shit out of luck, since they’ve only built these to work with the newest of models.

The iPod Surge will be available this month for $70, while the iPhone Surge for the 3G and 3GS will be available sometime this fall for the same price.


Christen Costa

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