All right, Sanrio buffs, brace yourself because another bit of Hello Kitty ephemera has made its way to market.  There have been many Hello Kitty MP3 players over the years–almost as long as there have been MP3 players there have been Hello Kitty MP3 players–but this one is somewhat different.

It doesn’t have more memory or an LCD screen or anything like that but what this one does have is Hello Kitty’s head.  That’s right–it’s SHAPED like Hello Kitty’s head.  Each one costs $19.95 and has a four gig capacity. It includes a built-in microphone, plays back WMA files, and actually includes the right to select the kitty’s trademark bow’s color–light pink, light blue, red and dark blue versions are available.

It’s not bad as MP3 players go–as long as the playback sounds all right twenty bucks is hardly an outlandish price for an MP3 player, but let’s be honest.  This one’s appeal is pretty much limited to serious Sanrio enthusiasts and it stops right about there too.