You know…sometimes velcro’s just entirely too weak sauce for my taste.  Little cloth hooks that hold things together, no thank you.  I need something with a bit more testosterone.  Something a bit more MANLY.

Heyyy…I know.  How about velcro…made out of METAL?

It already exists, folks–it’s called Metaklett, and it promises to indeed be Velcro 2.0.  Engineers at the Technical University of Munich developed the super-strong material which supports a maximum of thirty five tons, and yet can be pulled apart without tools.

Now, that’s got me a little taken aback.  It supports thirty five tons of weight but you can pull it apart with a single pull?  That seems like such a gross contradiction in terms that it’s not even funny.  But I do look forward to seeing Metaklett in action–this could be something interesting!