If you, like me, have expressed some lament (usually involving kicking, screaming, and throwing things) at the general lack of quality and variety in radio broadcasting in your area, (who do I have to bribe to get some jazz around here?) then you may have already discovered an interest in streaming Internet radio.

But you know that that usually requires having your computer on and connected to the web and such, which can be a bandwidth hog like nobody’s business.

Enter the new line of squeezeboxes from Logitech, the Squeezebox Radio and the Squeezebox Touch.

The Squeezebox Radio is the cheaper of the two, as it’s a stand-alone that functions as a radio and has its own speakers, while the Squeezebox Touch is designed to be hooked into your existing stereo.  Starting at two hundred dollars, these devices connect to the various music sites out there like Napster, Pandora and Last.fm to bring streaming radio to what amounts to a set-top box.


It’s a great idea, no mistake, even if two hundred bucks is a little salty for what amounts to the best radio ever.